New In Version 1.4.0

• You can now provide multiple passcodes for Page Safe. This will allow you to maintain a set of passcodes. Need to revoke a passcode? Simply remove it from the list.
• Passcodes can now be managed by Total CMS! Passcodes added into the stack are considered “master” passcodes and cannot be changed or removed via the CMS. To configure passcodes inside Total CMS, simply use a Text Admin stack. The CMS ID is the same as the PageSafe ID. Piece of cake!
Warning: When manage passcodes with Total CMS, they are stored in a plain text file inside the CMS. This text file is not listed anywhere and not easily discoverable. You could lock down this file and not make is accessible via the web with an htacccess rule. - Read this FAQ for more information.
• You can now define the colors for text and links in the footer.

For more details check out the Page Safe Product Page. You can also view previous release notes.

Page Safe is a secure and easy way to lock down your webpages. None of your webpage content will be downloaded until the proper password or 4-digit pin is entered. Page Safe supports locking as many pages as you want with different passwords or unlock multiple pages with a single login. Page Safe is the easiest and most secure way to protect your RapidWeaver sites.

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JoeWorkman is a Premium RapidWeaver Developer with 150 addons.



2 years ago

Perfect for staging

I'm using this stack mainly for new projects that are not for the public, yet. I'm putting it on the homepage, hereby protecting the whole project during the staging process. Or, respectively, I protect single pages where I want to try out the behavior in the wild behind a gate for selected testers only. VERY useful and easy to set up…


2 years ago

Elegant, Simple to Implement Solution

I picked up Page Safe on a lark while working on a site for a large organization where a few hundred people would require access to documents that aren't exactly secret, but they didn't want shared publicly. I had originally planned to use ToonHound's Lockdown, but after seeing how beautiful this was, it was ideal for my project, and so incredibly easy to implement, it actually caused me to go back and visit other projects I manage where user specific access/passwords weren't required. This is an elegant, effective and easily implemented/maintained solution. I love it.


2 years ago

Easy to implement

I use the tool to protect my CMS and Administrative areas of my website. It is very easy to protect any webpage.


2 years ago

Simple... Yet Effective!

This pair of stacks (for one page or multiple pages in a group of pages) is an easy to use solution for single point of entry access control to viewers of the page(s). There is a wonderful support video that can be found on Joe's website and YouTube. Caution must be exercised currently with assets (PDF's, ZIP's, IMG's, etc) that may be linked to in these pages as they will not be automatically password protected and can be found by search engines.

Eric Vaughn

2 years ago

Brilliant Stack

I love the way this stack is responsive. It has the ability to take up-to a 7 number pin or a password. The redirect option on logout is brilliant. Great job, JoeWorkman.


2 years ago

Simple protection

I set this up for the first time today and it was simple. Very customizable as to how the lock page looks. I didn't try the stack safe stack yet, but plan on that next. I like how it makes any button a logout button and you can set the redirect on logout just by picking a page on the site. I like that this stack, as well as all of Joe's stuff so far has been so easy to learn to use. You wan to protect something in RW, this is an easy way to do it.


2 years ago

KISS - Keeping it Safe and Secure

An effective website is dynamic. It must be a breathing and evolving entity - a reflection of your organisation. This is my policy and it's why I maintain a strict practice of spending at least one hour every day of week on refining and updating the website. In those situations where I'm adding new pages to the website, it's crucial they're kept safe and secure until they're ready to launch. This is where Page Safe comes in.

  1. A single Page Safe stack on the page with a secure password and, if I'm so inclined, even an image and a message.

  2. Share the password with specific team members so they can easily logon, review and provide feedback.

It's a smooth solution that's so much better than a horrible and soooooo unprofessional "under construction" message.

I bought Page Safe initially because it looked cool. It's a stack I now use regularly across several websites I manage for my own organisation and those I maintain for my children.

Raul Del Corte Valiente

2 years ago

Absolutely Brilliant!

Only a genius could create an extraordinary tool. Simple to use, very practical, very well designed… Must!


2 years ago

Great new way to protect pages

So easy to use, just drop in a stack and protect your page, with either a PIN number or password. Can protect different pages with different passwords.

So easy to use and my users love it, as it looks so good and works so well.

The best login page I've seen on mobiles too, works so well.


2 years ago


I have been waiting for something like this for a while. Have put it on one site and will be adding it to two others this week. It looks so cool I want to put it on all my sites!


2 years ago

perfect for securing access to pages for my up an coming site

This is the perfect stack that allows me to provide secure access to a personal website for my up and coming wedding. It is extremely easy to set up and looks great. Easily integrated into my foundation themed site as one would expect. A high quality product.

tMM Tekh

2 years ago

A practical & easily heuristic Stack.

I may be able to purchase this in the future. It's perfect for creating landing pages for upcoming products without having nosy visitors snoop in on your stuff. I like it!