New In Version 1.10

  • Released February 3, 2017
  • New slowest animation speed
  • New boat-animatiom
  • New flag-animation
  • New down-up-animation
  • Improved Position > fractions allowed in percentage

Create amazing animated scenes, header & hero images, subtle animated effects and many other compositions.

Parallax Scene is powered by a parallax engine that reacts to the orientation of a smart device. Where no gyroscope or motion detection hardware is available, the position of the cursor is used instead.

We can control the amount of motion for each layer, position each layer on the xy axis, set each layer's dimension, add animation and even use custom classes of our own. The interface is simply gorgeous, allowing us to work on our scenes in grid or stack modes.

Also all examples and images are given with the package, so you can start your own scenes easily.