New In Version 1.6.1

  • Tidied up some options in the Stack to make it easier to edit subscription or one-time payments

Collect money and get paid for your hard work.

A portable payment terminal powered by PayPal to collect credit card and PayPal payments from clients, anytime and anywhere. Send people to this page from your invoices or whip it out on your iPhone after closing a deal. Less friction payment collection.

Payments on the Go and in your Pocket

Sell products at trade fairs? Collect payments in front of customers? Or ask for a down-payment after closing contracts? Pull out your iPad or iPhone, key in the amount and hand it over to the customer. Look away, they punch in their credit card info and you just got paid. Sweet.

Powered by PayPal

Secure padlocked transactions all handled by PayPal so you don’t need to store any credit card data. Customers can either pay with their PayPal balance or can select to pay with a credit card. Pay also hooks into the PayPal IPN so you can get an instant notification when someone sends you money. That will put a smile on your face.

Not just a Payment Terminal

This isn’t just for collecting payments face to face. Any freelancer or creative sending out monthly invoices with bank details embedded knows that it can take another step to get paid. Pay removes a bit of friction. Add a URL in your invoices such as “” and that gives your clients an easier and quicker way to send you money. Now they have less excuse.

Drop Downs or a Custom Amount

If you bill for regular amounts or have set fees for products, easily pre fill up to 10 drop down amounts that users can quickly select before hitting “pay”. Or leave it open and have a custom field option. Choice is yours sweetie.

NEW Subscription payments

Do you run a membership website, a SaaS business or have clients on a regular retainer and want to auto-bill them? Now Pay Stack comes with optional recurring payments. Set any custom date duration via days, weeks, months or years and let PayPal auto collect these subscription payments for your membership or subscription based business.

Easy to Setup within RapidWeaver

Drag in the stack. Add your PayPal account ID and Currency. Then if you want, change the colour, button call to action text, security message, return URL, drop down amounts – you name it. Publish and then send your clients to it and you’ll instantly look more pro.

Retina Ready and no PHP Needed

CSS and HTML only were harmed in the making of this stack. No need to make your page PHP and even the credit card images look sharp on hiDPI displays. Fully responsive in width too, Pay looks good and usable in as many places as possible to make it as easy as possible to collect your hard earned cash.

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Reewald Pocorni

2 years ago


Can people also pay with a master card??

Developer reply from Michael Frankland

2 years ago

Thanks for the comment!

Sure - Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover - if PayPal can accept it, Pay can accept it!

But if you want people to pay direct without leaving your site and not through PayPal then Stripe payments would be better:

Steve Harlington

3 years ago

Excellent Payment Stack

Yuzool's Pay stack is perfect for my triathlon website. Allows people to enter the Triathlon online, pay securely through PayPal and all for a very small fee from PayPal. So much easier than people filling out forms, sending cheques in and having to cash them in.

Developer reply from Michael Frankland

3 years ago

Great to hear and great use of Pay Stack. Thanks for the comment Steve and good luck in the Triathlon events!