New In Version 1.2.1


• Had to remove the dynamic listener for PAB links. I will revisit this later. Sorry.
• Fixed issues with static height containers.
• Fixed issues with renaming PAB launcher link text.

Peek-A-Boo is a drawer style container that can open and close in order to reveal or hide content. Chances are that you have already used it on this very site many times. Peek-A-Boo controls the demos for all the products on this site! You can get even more power with Peek-A-Boo when multiple instances work together to build awesome sliders.

Addon Details

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JoeWorkman is a Premium RapidWeaver Developer with 150 addons.



2 years ago

Provided Design Inspiration

This particular stack actually formed the functionality design of a website I made. Peek-a-boo was instrumental in creating the navigation in one of my newest projects, and really blew away my clients. Mixed with the Flat Button stack by Elixir Graphics it really gave my site a modern smooth functionality. Take a look at his examples page, and start thinking about how you can use it in side bars for navigation or revealing more information, or even sorting content as part of a ad-hoc accordion. It's fantastic.


2 years ago

What to do...

I bough this without having any ideas for its use during Joe's sale and I still haven't used it. I was just messing with it and like what it does, but I don't have a need for it at the moment.. until now, just thought of a way to use it...funny how that happens...