New In Version 3.0.0

  • New: Supports multiple Phantom stacks on a single page.
  • New: Supports nesting Phantom stacks inside of each other.
  • New: Knob/Dial mode now supports up to 7 categories/pages.
  • New: Optionally highlight the active category with a glowing bullet/dot.
  • New: Adjust the size of the icons.
  • New: Add hover colors to the Knob/Dial titles and icons.
  • New: Use your own pattern or color for the Knob/Dial background.
  • New: Adjust the individual icon and title colors for the Knob/Dial using an included snippet.
  • New: Add a logo image to the background panel of the Knob/Dial.
  • New: Phantom will now show the selected category elements rather than all on page load.
  • New: Add external links.
  • New: Includes two demo project files (One using Pure and the other only using Phantom)
  • Improved: Icon layout has been adjusted for the Knob/Dial mode.
  • Improved: Added better shadows to the Knob/Dial background panel.
  • Improved: Load speed and overall performance.
  • Improved: Knob/Dial adjusts to fit mobile screens.
  • Improved: Settings layout has been change to be more user friendly.
  • Fixed: Bug that was causing the icons to move off center in some themes.
  • Other minor adjustment and bug fixes.

Phantom is a navigational sorting tool that beautifully animates content based on categories that you make. You can create a menu with up to 10 categories with the Button theme and up to 5 for the Knob/Dial theme. Items will beautifully animate with a jQuery masonry effect when users select any of the categories.

The button theme simulates your standard menu layout with customizable colors so that you can design it to fit any theme. The knob/dial utilizes Font Awesome icons to speed and animates into place when users select the different sorting options. Both themes come with built-in skins (12 for the knob/dial and 6 for the buttons).