Make your site’s Pin count skyrocket with Pinterest Connect. Eye-catching & easy-to-setup Pinterest Connect is perfect for any Pinterest user who wants to display pins, Pinterest Boards, Pinterest Porfolios, and Pinterest Buttons on their site.

Pinterest Buttons display all the images on your page in a beautiful grid layout. Pinterest Follow buttons let other Pinterest users easily follow your account. You can even set Pinterest Buttons to appear when any images are hovered on your page (like in the preview page's logo).

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One Little Designer

One Little Designer is a Premium RapidWeaver Developer with 75 addons.



2 years ago

A solid addon that closes the loop with Pinterest

I love the way the stack closes the loop with Pinterest. Someone visits your website and is just starting to get an idea of the type of content you offer. They see a Pinterest board or two and click through to Pinterest to see more.

I love this stack and what it has added to our site!