New In Version 1.1.3

PlusThing 1.1.3 — Released 1 April 2016. Improved CSS means the Foundation Theme Option is no longer necessary and has been removed.

PlusThing 1.1.2 — Released 30 March 2016. Updated to use Stacks 3's Font Awesome library. Stack size reduced from 1.5MB to 56KB.

Please Note: If you don't see these updates automatically in Stacks, then please download the stack again from your original invoice/download link. Any problems, get in touch.

Please be aware that this controversial stack's stylish responsive content container comes with a slick toggle functionality that may overwhelm the easily stimulated. But it does have one plus — and many other Font Awesome icons you can use to decorate the toggle button. Comes with all our usual style and custom controls and ships with a free Project File. Use with care.