New In Version 2.0.0

  • Completely revamped interface which is more powerful and easier to use.
  • You can add as many points as you want to your image maps now.
  • You can add points to any stack. However, its recommended that the contained stacks be images. My Google Maps stack works great!
  • You can now have Font Awesome and Text labels.
  • Default point settings can be defined, however, each point can override those settings with its own custom styles and labels.
  • Add links to each point. This is great for transforming Points into an interactive menu for you site.
  • Built in integration with a bunch of different 3rd party modal stacks.

Points is a full responsive image map. It allows you to highlight multiple points on an image. When you hover over a point, a tooltip can be displayed in order to provide more information. You can also add links to each point. This will allow you to link to other webpages or even open a lightbox. There are many different styles for the points, including custom images and Font Awesome integration.

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