New In Version 1.2.9

Form Pro

  • Adds ability to add a custom margin above the success message that appears when a user successfully submits the form. This can be set for each of the three breakpoints. The default is 20px for all three breakpoints, which retains the current spacing settings.
  • Adds an advanced ability to set a UNIQUE ID for your form. This also applies to the anchor link name that is used after a user successfully submits the form. It is important that this is a UNIQUE ID. Do not use spaces or quotation marks in this unique ID. Instead use dashes or underscores.

Hover Image

  • Adds ability to include an icon on top of your image to indicate to visitors that there's more to be seen when hovering over the image.

Mega Menu

  • Fixes a bug where the drop shadow applied to the mobile navigation toggle would appear with a 1px space directly above it.
  • Fixes label typo in PLIST file.

Side Navigation

  • Fixes a bug with misbehaving color pickers.

Vertical Navigation

  • Makes an adjustment to the max value for the Section Title Size.
  • Adds ability to use customized rounded corners of the stack or if toggled off the stack will use Foundry's Control Center settings for rounded corners.

While Foundry itself comes with everything you need to create full-featured, responsive websites, Potion Pack adds an extra touch of magic to your sites. We’ve included several different, more complex or unique stacks, that will help you in crafting sites for yourself and your clients.

This set of Foundry based stacks provide you with multiple different manually currated navigation systems, grid layouts, highly customizable email forms, stylish slideshows and much more!

The stacks included in Potion Pack are:

  • Anchor
  • Angle
  • Backdrop
  • Disqus
  • Form Pro
  • Grid
  • Hover Image
  • Lazy Load Image
  • Mega Menu
  • Mini Navigation
  • Motion
  • Overlap
  • Popover
  • Sections
  • Seek
  • Shift
  • Side Navigation
  • Type It
  • Vertical Navigation
  • Zoom

For details on each of these individual stacks be sure to visit the Potion Pack product page, where you'll find descriptions, documentation and tutorial videos for these stacks.

Addon Details

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Elixir is a RapidWeaver Developer with 43 addons.



3 months ago

Takes a Great Framework and Makes it Powerful

If you were smart enough to buy Foundry in the first place, then you should buy this. It's takes an easy to use framework and gives you powerful new options. Take your Foundry projects to the next level. And make the purchase with confidence that it's backed by one of the best RW stack developers out there.


7 months ago

A fantastic add-on pack that adds unique extra powerful features

This is so much more that a basic add-on pack. It adds very useful and unique extra stacks that really make building a Foundry site a joy. Bang up to date and designed for ease of use and setup, this adds real power to the already powerful Foundry. The Motion stack and the Shift stack are real presentation standouts and the Mega Menu is a much needed solution to challenging page structure for RW users.

The Potion pack is also exceptional value considering the number of stacks and the extra functionality they provide.

The support documentation and video for every stack are also of the highest quality and all located in one place and easy to find.

If you have Foundry then you really should get this pack and if you don't have Foundry yet, then check out what you are missing.

Leif Ottosson

8 months ago

A valuable addon for the Foundry set of stacks

The Foundry set of stacks takes you a long way when it comes to building beautiful RapidWeaver sites in no time. The Potion set of stacks takes you longer. You get a whole set of useful stacks to make your sites stand out a bit more, and they are just as easy to use as the other Foundry stacks.

Adam is a skilled developer, and the documentation and tutorial videos he makes are first class. Also he is always glad to help and a really nice guy. 😃

The price ($35) makes this a no-brainer. Just get it!

Jonathan Spencer

8 months ago

An instant buy for me!

It's as if Christmas came early for me! Great additional stacks for Foundry and a bit of a steal at the price.