The ProSlider Stack is a super lightweight and easy to use Slider Stack for RapidWeaver. It's made with CSS custom stylings only, and doesn't make use of any external scripts, making it blazing fast. You can add up to 5 images to the Slider and also add notes/descriptions that pop up when the slides are visible on your site. The Stack is also fully responsive of course.

By purchasing the Stack you'll get 2 different Stacks to install - one named "Light", the other one named "Dark". You may use the Light Stack on a dark site design and the Dark Stack on a light site design.

Features that are currently being worked on:

  • Customization options (allowing you to change the colors and sizes of the arrows and info boxes or removing them completely)

  • The ability to add pictures to the Stack from your local hard drive disk instead of using image links from the web

  • The ability to add more than 5 images to a slider

  • Auto animations (flipping to the next image automatically after a given time frame without the need to click the arrows manually)

  • ...and more based on your feature requests. Thanks guys!

Addon Details

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