Some web design trends stay because of how we use things as humans, and one page site design has remained popular because scrolling down a page is refreshingly easy.

A one-page theme could be made, but every theme imposes it's own limitations. For a one page solution that can be used in any theme - we've created the Rails stack for RapidWeaver 6 and Stacks 3!

The Rails concept is simple, desktop visitors scroll down content sections aided by a navigation list. On mobile devices, the navigation list is hidden for uninterrupted swipe down behavior.

Rails streamlines one page content design, and adds control and context with a navigation list to swiftly move between sections. Customize Rails with over 500 navigation icons, diverse animated transitions, and perfect your layout exhaustive formatting and color controls. Rails creates perfect one page layouts, in any theme, and keeps scrolling down a single page - refreshing easy.

Rails does not hide content like an accordion or tab based container. Search engines have trouble indexing hidden content. Rails streamlines one page content design and adds a navigational list to swiftly move between sections. Keeping all content visible on a webpage is excellent for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and allows content access with simple scroll down and swipe gestures.

Rails does not change the natural behavior of scrolling or swiping. Some websites "sense" when a user scrolls or swipes, then manually transitions to more content - it's a very controlled experience. In short, I hate this method, and will never create a product that hijacks scrolling.

Sometimes a completely one page website is not practical. If you feel a product or topic should be given it's own separate page - your probably right! It's perfectly fine to mix one-page content design into a site with multiple pages, this is a standard practice for Apple, Audi, and Ford websites - just to name a few.

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Nick Cates Design

Nick Cates Design is a RapidWeaver Developer with 30 addons.



2 years ago

Simply Amazing

If you are looking for an easy way to create a one page web site then Rails is the add-on for you. It is everything the developer claims and so much more. The Rails add-on does all the hard work behind the scenes while you concentrate of the web site design. I love how Rails looks fantastic on any screen, even on mobile devices it renders the page perfectly. This is on add on every web designer will want in his toolbox.

Keep up the fabulous work Nick Cates Design!


2 years ago


NCD Team! How could you have known I needed this? The timing count be better. I can't put a price on the time I'll save, and the upkeep pain and agony I'll be avoiding.

Thanks for this kind of excellent work. Johann