RandomStacks: Randomly display any number of Stacks from a selection you create. Fill this with Stacks and your web site will show them randomly each time you visit or refresh the page. Drop images in here and choose to have only one displayed at random, or, throw some Text tips in and have a few shown at a time. In fact, you can drop any set of Stacks in and choose whether you want to pick them one at time, two at a time, etc., or in some random quantity each time.

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Bryn Owen Design

Bryn Owen Design is a RapidWeaver Developer with 18 addons.



1 year ago

Simple and effective

It gets a bit boring for returning visitors if your website always shows the same pictures. Here is an easy-to-use stack which will show different pictures (or other stacks – you could use it to rotate ads) every time someone visits. You can choose to have either a random rotation or something a little less random which avoids the same stack being displayed twice in succession. The stack will accept multiple stacks for each display – for instance, you could have pictures and captions. It is a very simple stack to use and it works well. It is also extremely good value