New In Version 1.0.4

  • Fixed a corner case issue, where the want to hide all columns but 1 on mobile would not produce the desired results.

The most advanced responsive layout stack to date. Reflow allows you total control of between 1 to 4 columns.

12 Twelve is the magic number

The entire concept of this layout system revolves around the magic number 12. There are 12 imaginary columns across the stack regardless of the screen size. You decide how many of those 12 imaginary columns each of your columns in the stack will occupy at the different screen sizes on offer. You can also specify 0 for any column which will hide that column completely.

Main Features

  • The most advanced responsive layout stack.
  • The simplest responsive layout stack to understand and use.
  • Can be used as 1, 2, 3, or 4 column stack.
  • Optionally hide any of the columns on any number of your chosen screen sizes.
  • Configure the number of columns seen per row independently on any of the device screen sizes.
  • Live edit mode preview of any of your screen size configurations.
  • Independent vertical and horizontal spacing between the columns.
  • Edit mode helper grid that also shows your gutter spacings live.
  • Option to set your own custom device sizes for each of the breakpoints.
  • Reflow stacks may be nested inside columns of other Reflow stacks.

Addon Details

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Doobox is a Premium RapidWeaver Developer with 49 addons.


Mark Spaulding

2 years ago

An elegant stack

If you are looking for a great responsive column layout stack that is very precise and works like Foundation, et. al., and works in any theme, this is the layout stack for you.

Light weight and incredibly precise, just a pleasure to use!


2 years ago

A++++ stack!

I own a couple of responsive layout Stacks, this one is now my go to stack. Love the one click vertical alignment!


2 years ago

Responsively Delicious!

Very nice responsive column stack with so many options for granular control. Foundation style without the Foundation overhead! I highly recommend it for todays multiple device viewing capability.