New In Version 1.0.2

1.0.2: New icon and UI changes.

Greyscale image hover effect from a single colour image.

Rinse stack allows you to place a single colour image in the page, and generates a greyscale hover effect. You can choose to have the image start as greyscale and become colour when hovered over, or start out as colour and become greyscale when hovered over. Simple to use, just treat the stack like a default image stack, to apply your own links, or anything else you can normally do to a default Stacks image.

  • Cross browser support. (CSS filters normally only work in webkit browsers).
  • Option to Invert hover effect.
  • Choose how much desaturation is applied to your colour image.
  • Choose the duration of the hover effect.
  • Option to simply display your image in greyscale, without any hover transition.
  • Works exactly the same as a regular default image for all intents and purposes.
  • Apply links and Stacks plugin image enhancements if you wish.

Addon Details

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