New In Version 2.0.3

  • Z-index higher for Foundation Stacks
  • Height of Roadmap vertical line now touches the bottom

Create vertical and horizontal timelines in your projects.

Roadmap helps you create responsive vertical and horizontal timelines to show a process, “how it works” pages, a sequence of events or social proof that your service rocks. Easily build these today in RapidWeaver and Stacks.

Vertical & Horizontal timelines

Make some timelines on your site or linear structures that show off your career or company history, add some testimonials gathered from clients or create a project timeline of deliverables for your next client project. A clear and clean way to lead users through a sequence of events.

New in Version 2

Apart from vertical and horizontal, there’s a plethora of other cool new things in version 2. New flat design, more colour controls, cleaner HTML5 structure for better SEO, no need to fine tune anymore – it just fits all screen widths. Heights are now also set automatically, the columns set themselves, it’s all just one Stack so self-contained and much easier to work with, has better 3rd party theme compatibility, and there’s space to add tags to each event. Phew. And it’s a Free update to all who own version 1.

Drop in your Stacks

Drop in any text, videos, images and the usual Stacks things you like to make and illustrate your timeline. Fonts are taken from the theme and you can add as many timeline posts on a page as you wish – in either direction. Build up your history.

Responsive and CSS only

The timeline is fully responsive from desktop through to tablets and mobiles. Look good and clear in all viewports. And as this Stack was built using only CSS it is lightweight, compatible with other Stacks and Themes and looks great on HiDPI screens.

Customisable and easy to build

Drop in as many event posts as you like, move them around, separate them with buttons that illustrate key moments. Anything you wish. It’s easy also to change colours to blend the design into your site and any RapidWeaver theme.

Addon Details

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