Monitor Backups

rwBackup Info works in conjunction with the rwBackup file backup app.  It allows users to display all or a select list of Backup Sets and their related backup times on a webpage.  Thus, it provides another useful and easy way to monitor backups.  Results can be displayed in Preview/Publish and/or in the web inspector console.

It's free for the RapidWeaver community.


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1 year ago

Piece of mind after long hours of work

rwBackup provides an off-site copy of your RW package so that all your hard work finessing your sites can be restored if disaster hits your computer or your back up drive. Luckily I haven't had to use the service but I have downloaded the zip and tested it. What is great about this backup is that it creates a copy of the RW package not the individual web files. So all you have to do to restore the file is either use the restore function or download the zip file from your host and you can pick up where you ended. It is just one more potential disaster I don't have to worry about. Scheduling the automatic backup allows me to handle other issues and know my back is covered. Piece of mind.