New In Version 1.0.3

Version 1.0.3 Added - The Scoll Page button can now be hidden with the "Hide Button @" number input field. Default 400px screen width.

Scroll Page can elegantly direct visitors to a specific page location - with minimal setup. Excellent for scrolling down to important content - for example, if visitors first see a large banner on your site (and may not be aware of content below).

Optionally show the scroll up button - only if the user scrolls up. This intuitive behavior was first introduced only in later versions of iOS Safari. Excellent for not blocking site content with a scroll up button. Providing scroll up functionality when the user wants it.

Arrow button styles include: 13 vector based arrow icons, adjustable arrow sizing, margin, padding, border size, corner radius, drop shadow, background color, arrow color, and border color, whew! Excellent for adding Scroll Page to any RapidWeaver site / theme design, and confidently match the overall visual feel... or a clients custom design request (which they inevitably always do).

Scroll Page doesn't wuss out and limit you to only scroll up - or down. No, you can combine both! Create a scroll down button that takes users to a specific page area - but also have the scroll up button appear if users are trying to scroll up. Excellent for letting visitors scroll down past a large page banner image, yet still letting them scroll up if needed.

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