Searchable FAQ

Searchable FAQ is a highly advanced stack for RapidWeaver with live search functionality like something you've never seen before.

It offers customizable accordion style faqs including a customizable search section which can filter through your FAQ items live as the user types!

Not only that, but it provides live text highlighting as well!!! We truly believe this is the best FAQ stack on the market for informing your users about your website.

A list of main features includes:

  • Live FAQ item filtering
  • Live text highlighting
  • Loading, Successful match, No-match indicators
  • Customizable header section with a Title, Subtitle, and Search Bar
  • Accordion style FAQs with customizable open/close options
  • Custom open/close Icons
  • Custom Icons for FAQ questions
  • Fully responsive and fully customizable styling options
  • Easy to use, easy to setup, works right out-of-the-box!

Currently ON SALE for 25% OFF

For the initial release we offering a 25% discount for the early-birds~

If you own a website and you have a page for informing your users, Searchable FAQ is a MUST HAVE stack for you

Grab your copy today~

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