New In Version 2.1.0

  • NEW - You now have the ability to choose whether publishing from RapidWeaver will overwrite online edits.

Easy Online Editing. No Complex Setup.

Finally. Quick and easy online editing of any Stacks page, without any complicated setup process or database requirements.

Know how to add stacks to a page in RapidWeaver and edits its settings? Then you already know how to use Sentry to make online editing a breeze.

Watch the video on the NimbleHost website for a brief demonstration of how quick and simple it is to use Sentry to make changes to any Stacks page of your website.

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Will Woodgate

Will Woodgate is a RapidWeaver Developer with 91 addons.


Mark Spaulding

1 year ago

A VERY elegant CMS system

Looking for a CMS stack that easy to use, has an elegant UI, and just works? Sentry 2.0 enters the market and add to the fine offerings out there.

Well done!!

Blessings, —Mark