New In Version 1.1.0

Significant enhancements to SEO-Rx's content analysis.
  • Export and share your results in CSV, PDF, or paper formats.
  • Check for Web Clip and Favicons
  • Check for broken (external) links on your page
  • Skip images hosted from (e.g., maps)
  • New stylish tooltip for image previews
  • Limit image previews to 750px (max) width
  • Add word, characters and paragraph counts to Styled Text Stacks
  • Fix accuracy of Duplicate Content checks to handle redirects
  • Better responsive handling and retina controls
  • If an Alt tag is provided, don't penalize the SEO score as much for filenames

SEO-Rx is your prescription for RapidWeaver SEO. With SEO-Rx, now you can gain insight to how well your webpage's SEO will do before you publish. When you Preview your page, SEO-Rx will generate a preview of how your page will appear in search results and give you a score of how well you are doing with your SEO. SEO-Rx will also automatically check to make sure you're following well established guidelines. This includes checking:

  • Page Title and Meta Tags
  • Image file names and Alt Tags
  • Page structure (in particular, your page headings)

Why wait? Start improving your site's SEO now with SEO-Rx!

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Chillidog Software

Chillidog Software is a RapidWeaver Developer with 5 addons.


Mark Spaulding

2 years ago

A must have SEO tool!

SEO-Rx is an amazing tool if you want to refine your SEO results.

Adds no weight to your site and is easy to use. A winning combination!

Top it off with FABULOUS support! Thanks Greg!

Highest recommendation!

Paul Russam

2 years ago

Brilliant utility stack that can have near instant results

I've now used this on 3 sites and it's very good. I thought I'd done alright with my seo but RX exposed a lot of little things I'd missed. It's actually quite fun to root out the missing alt tags and watch your score go up, it starts to become a bit of a game to get that 1 extra point. If you're interested in your seo I wholeheartedly recommend this.


2 years ago

Awesome time saver!

Now I can view my page SEO results from within RW without having to open a browser, go to the SEO checking sites and waiting for results. Instead, simply Preview the page and the results are delivered almost immediately. Awesome tool, thank you!

Developer reply from Gregory Barchard

2 years ago

You're very welcome. I'm glad it's already helping you improve your site :)