New In Version 2.0.0

  • All color pickers now support RGBa and opacity sliders in the Mac OS color palette
  • Fixed a CSS validation error
  • New editing interface that uses blue '+' buttons (sub-stacks) instead of depreciated repeats
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent arrows displaying in some RW themes
  • All slider controls now display units of measurement
  • Renamed the 3 main groups of settings for easier reference
  • Tidied and optimized various underlying source code
  • Much better print and PDF output
  • Fixed a bug that was causing incorrect padding to get applied in Foundation
  • Fixed a bug that was causing animated panels to sometimes flicker in Chrome
  • Removed the surplus 'hide' button (Stacks now has its own 'hide' button)

Slinkee is an accordion-like menu to help your visitors stay informed while bouncing about your site. One click reveals a sample of the linked page while the second click redirects the browser there.

Use Slinkee as a narrow, vertical menu in your sidebar or spread it out on your page for some fun, accordion-style hide and seek content.

With or without links, descriptions or drop down content, Slinkee will adapt accordingly—from a straightforward navigation menu to a basic accordion layout and everything in between—Slinkee can do it all.

Addon Details

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Will Woodgate

Will Woodgate is a RapidWeaver Developer with 92 addons.