New In Version 2.6.0

v2.6.0 • Color controls now support opacity • Small bug fixes in satellite lib • Fixed alignment in Edit Mode

Share It is a uber cool share button for you website. When you hover over the customizable button, smaller share buttons animate out onto the webpage. Share It supports all of the most popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter,, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Email. You can even customize the share buttons to use your own favorite site. As most of our stacks, Share It offers a ton of customizations.

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JoeWorkman is a Premium RapidWeaver Developer with 150 addons.



2 years ago

Straightforward and simple

I bought this during the 50% off sale just because it was cheap not having a use for it at the time. Since then, it came in handy and it was extremely simple to use. If you need a way to share your site that takes not time to add, get this. You'll be amazed how easy it is to use and how nice it looks on the page.


3 years ago

Like This Simple Way To Share Your Site

What I really like about this stack is how you can give each button a relative look to the corresponding social service. Not only does the stack provide all the code to link to those services, but for instance with the Facebook popup, you can choose what you wish to promote. Stack is easy to use and far more useful once you begin using it than you realize on the surface. For me, one thing I noticed was a 10 minute lag time before the stack was functioning on my published website. So, don't spam out if you look at the published site right away and it looks funking. Give it 10 minutes. It's worth the wait.