ShowHide: This Stack allows you to control the visibility of Stacks responsively, depending on browser width or height. You may Show one set of Stacks above a certain browser width/height, and Show another set of Stacks below that width/height. A handy debug mode can be enabled to display width x height dynamically in case you need to test your responsive design.

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Bryn Owen Design

Bryn Owen Design is a RapidWeaver Developer with 18 addons.


Eric Vaughn

3 years ago

I Use It On Every Project

This is such a great stack. It's super easy to use. I often use a two column responsive stack to put a phone number on one side (shifted to the right) and other information on the opposite side (shifted to the left). When it shows up on mobile, it always looks funny. This stack allows me to center the information on a mobile device easily.