Siphon is a Stack that enables you to create interactive question forms. These forms, or funnels, can be used to filter and direct your page visitors to specific pages, content, or links by asking them customizable questions using slides. The answers are stored and can also be used in further questions, submitted as data to PHP code, or even emailed to you. This Stack is great for increasing conversions for sales, helping with product support, or as visually impressive contact forms.

  • Receive emails and send auto replies.
  • Format your received email how you want it to display.

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One Little Designer

One Little Designer is a Premium RapidWeaver Developer with 84 addons.


Rene Zuch

1 year ago

Excellent Stack with endless possibilities

Siphon offers endless possibilities to replace boring contact forms and can give your webpages a personal human touch.

Setup was very easy with the provided example project.


1 year ago

I can highly recommend this stack

I can highly recommend this stack. So many things to do with Siphon, as a virtual assistance to guide the client for example (navigation, contact form, questionnaire, etc)... endless list of possibilities. I'm using it on Foundry and 3rd party stacks... working great. Support is good, the web developer Skyler Knight is always there to help with a smile. Coming soon on his first update Radio control, Checkbox, etc. For sure we will have many more features on future updates... keep an eye on this stack 10/10.