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The Slide Overlay Stack uses pure CSS3 to bring nice effects to your images. The stack actually does two things independently: reveal additional info and apply animated effects to your images. You have fine control over most parts and can mix the individual effects for an overall custom effect.

There are 12 overlay animations included and you can also set the opacity and transition delay and duration. Of course you are not limited in the kind of content you add to the overlay container, it hasn't to be text only. You can mix the following image effects together from 0-100% each: Grayscale, Brightness, Sepia, Saturate, Contrast, Invert, Hue-Rotate and Blur. You can also set the direction of the effect from Normal to Reverse, so the effect is on per default and moves to the normal state or vice versa.

Note that CSS3 effects in IE/Win is still under development, so IE/Win users won't get effects at the moment. But the animated overlay does work cross browser.

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