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New icon and looks Minor improvements and fixes (mostly cosmetic)

In short, this stack makes it possible to show a floating element above a wrapping element below a set screen width. In other words: there’s a ‘floating element’ (left or right) and a ‘wrapping element’ (usually with mainly text) wrapping around it. On smaller screens, the floating element can be shown above the wrapping element.

This may sound simple at first, but thanks to the numerous options of the stack it is possible to float elements perfectly in every situation — or not, when the screen is too small for that.

Finally, floating elements can be fully responsive without any hassle!

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1 year ago

It just plain works!

I've tried similar things before that generally caused text to behave strangely, or they required endless tweaking of settings. This one just works. I used it with a paragraph formatting stack so that I could choose the Google font I wanted, and this stack worked flawlessly with both. The instructions were simple, clear and complete, too!