What every website needs! SocialPopup is by-far the most powerful and customisable social media sharing and bookmarking addon available for RapidWeaver. Unlike many other solutions, SocialPopup provides a simple, unobtrusive and easy method for your website users to share your content or connect with you on various different social media and bookmarking platforms. An essential stack element for any RapidWeaver user seeking to increase website exposure and connect with a wider audience. SocialPopup supports an unlimited number of services, and several page utility buttons, like printing and emailing of web pages.

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Will Woodgate

Will Woodgate is a RapidWeaver Developer with 91 addons.


J. Hammeng

8 months ago

very useful

Used in more than one project, easy to use and rich in option.


9 months ago

Good stack

Social popup is a very good stack, good support. What do you need more:-)


3 years ago

My favourite social media stack

This stack is easy to configure, you can make the button to trigger it look any way you please and it looks great. Supports just about everything you can think of.


3 years ago

This is what I was waiting for

I've been waiting for a way to simply move social "enablers" into the extra content area of my theme. So far, I've not found anything that would allow me to get away without code. Shareable provides me with both a way to share PLUS a way to direct traffic to social profiles. Although it is (to my knowledge) not possible to put both methodology horizontally next to each other, it works quite fine to put them underneath each other. I've used FontAwesome icons as the enabler. For some shortcomings I'm in touch with Aaron from StackManiac and he's super responsive! Thumbs up!

Developer reply from Stack Maniac

3 years ago

Thank you! Shareable is one of our more favorite Stacks! We will definitely make sure all suggestions and shortcomings are met.