New In Version 1.0.4

1.0.4: New icon design. Some UI changes.

Super simple basic website statistics every Rapidweaver can use.

You should know which pages on your website are getting attention, and which are not, so you can better adapt to that information. Now with this stack it is easier than ever to have that information at hand. This super simple to deploy stack will have you collecting valuable statistics in minutes.

No database or php page extension required.

There is no initial setup to use the stack. It does not use a database. It uses a flat text file (created automatically) to store the data. While your server should be running PHP, there is no need to change your current page extension to PHP. You simply drop in the stack, and you are good to go.

Secure admin area

When the stack is in Admin mode, an administrator password is required to access the statistics, keeping them away from prying eyes.

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2 years ago

Works GREAT on older server & with Partials!

I'm using this stack on a db disabled server with no .htaccess control and older php version running. Works as advertised and can be added in Stacks 3 Partials with full functionality and ease of site updates/additions. The only page you must use it as a stand-a-lone stack is the admin page, that's only so you can set it to admin, assign a password and enable/disable stat reset ability per page/site wide. Lovely piece of kit!