New In Version 1.6.7

  • NEW - Shipping address now appears in description of item in Stripe Dashboard for convenience

Build checkout pages and sell products or subscriptions in RapidWeaver with Stripe.

Stripe Checkout is a payment stack for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. It works within your RapidWeaver site – customers can pay instantly, without being redirected away to complete the transaction. Safe, intuitive and more conversions.

Web and mobile Stripe Checkout payments and subscriptions come to RapidWeaver

A clean, responsive and retina-ready payment form pops-up instantly within your RapidWeaver site. Mobile and Tablets have full screen touch-optimised experiences with number keyboards and on a desktop it’s fast and the pop-up limits your checkout abandonment by being easy and focused for the customer. No messing or poking around needed. And good riddance to those pesky PayPal redirects.

Bill regularly and automatically with subscriptions

Do you have clients on a monthly retainer, run a membership site, have a subscription service or software as a service app (SaaS)? Want to charge monthly, yearly, biannually? Set up your payment plans and as users sign up they’ll be assigned to a plan and billed automatically through Stripe and receive an emailed receipt every month. No more middle men needed to run subscriptions – have more control and charge directly and automatically.

Accept Bitcoin

Start accepting Bitcoin on your RapidWeaver site or store in no time at all. Offer customers credit card or Bitcoin payments on the same checkout. Specify the amount in USD and receive it in your account in the same dashboard as other credit card payments. Avoid any exchange rate hassles and accept truly accept payments from anyone and anywhere. Try the Bitcoin demo >>

Alipay is here

China is the world's largest e-commerce market and the most popular Chinese payment method is the Alipay consumer wallet. That's now built into Stripe Checkout. Alipay users pay in RMB, and Stripe automatically handles currency conversion to USD. You do not need a Chinese entity or bank account to use Alipay and can accept one-time or subscription payments. If you sell to Chinese speakers, this is huge.

Remember Me

Nobody likes retyping their credit card details or messing around on their phone to type in long card numbers. “Remember Me” means your customers can save their details and pay with a single click or tap the next time they come back or go for one of your other products on your site. Unforgettable.

Constantly optimised by Stripe

Stripe Checkout works hard to refine your flow and optimize your funnel. The Stripe team are constantly running tests with the goal to increase your revenue. This goes on in the background and now you can plugin your RapidWeaver e-commerce pages to Stripe Checkout and take advantage of all this refinement and knowledge. Why not?

Automatic tools to the rescue

Verification built-in every step of the way. No need to worry about validating email addresses, credit card numbers or anything else, Stripe Checkout does that for you. Stripe checkout is also predesigned and the titles auto-set along with an icon shot of your product and the colour scheme altered to match it. You just have to worry about your product and business.

Your locale and integration

Bill in one of the 139 currencies you want and localise the checkout for number, currency and language. In addition to English, Stripe Checkout now speaks: Japanese, German, French, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch. Stripe account setup is easy and the fees competitive. Chargebacks and accounting features all recorded in the Stripe dashboard along with the name of the person paying for easy accounts reconciliation.

Easy to setup within RapidWeaver

Drag in the stack. Add your Stripe keys and currency then publish. If you want to change the placeholders or translate the text it’s easy to do and customise the success message from within RapidWeaver. All you need is something to sell and then you’re good to go.

Blend Stripe into your site’s design

The standard Stripe Checkout Blue button is nice, but sometimes you need more controls to blend them into your RapidWeaver project design. You can set the colour, radius, padding, font size and text shadow and colour so that the button matches your shop design. You can also redirect to your own thank you page after a checkout is complete. Make this store match your own imagination.

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Yuzoolthemes is a RapidWeaver Developer with 78 addons.



2 years ago

Added a full payment page in minutes

Allowed us to add a secure payment page to our website in minutes, so we could take credit cards payments more easily than with our standard merchant account. Fees with Stripe are low, so allows us to put a short link on our invoices so everyone can pay by card online. Works well with mobiles too.

Can also be used a payment terminal so can be used to take telephone payments too.

Awesome, paid for itself so quickly as now all our customers can pay online 24/7! All the PCI compliance and stuff is taken care of by Stripe so no worries there.

Allows quick and easy payments for customers and is cheaper than PayPal payments and this stack takes all the hard work out of setting up Stripe payments.

Developer reply from Michael Frankland

2 years ago

Thanks @Richard for the lovely review and really glad to hear it's helping your business.


2 years ago

Simple to set up

I was wanting to setup a small online store to sell gift cards and service packages for a local salon. I got myself in way over my head and spent many hours trying to figure out Stripe's documentation. This stack made it SUPER easy to setup and looks really nice as well.

Developer reply from Michael Frankland

2 years ago

Thanks so much @jabostick :)