New In Version 1.0.3

  • Fixes a mismatch with the breakpoint for the iPhone base margin setting in the Columns stack.

Responsive layout

Structure is a suite of responsive layout and design tools for building supremely flexible page designs in Stacks. Structure features responsive columns, grids, margins and a whole lot more that make constructing responsive pages in RapidWeaver a breeze.


The Columns stack allows you to create columnized layouts for use with responsive themes. It ensures that your content will look great and function as it should in a responsive environment.

The Custom Columns setting let's you build non-standard column layouts. You can also use the offset feature for changing the placement of the columns in this mode.


This stack gives you the ability to place your content evenly, in a grid format. The stack allows you to choose how many items are displayed on one line, at each of the three break points.

The Grid stack is great for building photo galleries, or other content where you want to have a consistent number of items.


Our Margins stacks allows you to set margins and / or padding for just about any page element. This margin and padding can be set to different sizes for each of the three breakpoints, allowing for dynamic layouts that adjust depending on your visitor's device or their browser width.

You can use a general margin or padding or use our detailed settings to refine each breakpoint to your liking.


The Visibility stack is simple, but quite powerful. It allows you to hide, or show, just about any page element at each of the three break points.

This allows you to present specific content to your visitors based off of their device or browser's width. This can be handy when you have specific content to serve up to your mobile visitors for instance.


This fun little stack operates much like the Floated Image stacks that come with the Stacks plugin, with the exception that these are responsive.

You're able to set breakpoints for when you want your floated image, or pull-quote, to stop floating and place itself above your text, full-width. You can also adjust the floated elements margins at each breakpoint.


The Image stack helps in making your images responsive. While the Columns, Grid and Float stacks all make your images responsive on their own, scaling down your images to fit within their elements, this stack allows you a few more options.

It can be used to make your image responsive in others stacks, which don't provide responsive scaling natively. It can also be used to upscale images to fill out space.

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3 years ago

Fast and Solid

Fast, easy to use, and extremely flexible. Adds refinement to any project