New In Version 3.0.6

Fixed - Slideshow transition "Fade" setting, crossfade animation issue.

Hero Media Type. This slide type shows a prominent headline, paragraph, and button link. Grab attention, or call to action. Loaded with many custom background and text controls, the Hero media type is a major addition to SuperFlex 3.

Stacks Media Type. The Stack media type is the most free-form slide within SuperFlex 3. Whatever stack content goes in - is what comes out. Then add a custom thumbnail image and caption, the possibilities are endless.

Video Media Types. YouTube and Vimeo are the biggest video hosts out there - and for good reason! SuperFlex 3 makes adding an embedded video slide effortless. Just enter the unique video id, and it's ready to view.

Google Map Media Type. When you need a map on your site, few would argue Google Maps is the best solution. The Google Maps media type takes map embed code and applies responsive formatting, letting your map scale fluidly on any screen.

Auto Thumbnails. SuperFlex 3 generates thumbnails automatically from image media slides. This not only makes thumbnail slideshow setup a breeze, but can impress clients looking for fast turn around and stunning results (with little effort).

Thumbnail Controls. Having thumbnails is not what makes SuperFlex 3 impressive, many slideshows have them... It's the 15 independent thumbnail controls we've added to meet virtually any customization needs - THAT is what sets SuperFlex 3 apart.

Remote Folders. Toss images into a folder on your server - and watch them appear in your SuperFlex slideshow! SF3 features remote folder linking and auto slideshow generation. This innovation is a major convenience when dealing with lots of images.

This is only a taste of the awesome baked into SuperFlex 3.



2 years ago

Flexing the boundaries

I usually only buy NCD Themes, but this Stack got my attention and I was able to get it during the Christmas sale. I have not regretted it. Nick and Team are very responsive to support queries and the docs are very clear. Next on the Hit List... Rails!


2 years ago

Very nice

Got this on a sale and it seemed cool. It was nice how I could just put stuff in the image folder on the server and they appear. It was simple to learn how to use and glad I got it.