New In Version 1.1.4


• Fix for Total CMS integration.

Tardis is a set of 3 stacks that let you control time. You can control when certain content will be displayed based on a start and end dates along with time. Tardis Days allows you to control which days of the week or month content is displayed. Tardis Time allows you to insert the current time or the last published time of a webpage. Start scheduling your content today!

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3 years ago

Timed display of stacks

This is THE easiest way to display your stacks content at set times/days. Easy to use with straight forward settings, so for example you could setup some content that only appears next Wednesday for a special deal on your website, but publish it now, safe in the knowledge it will only be displayed at the correct time without you having to be there.

Easy to put a sign on your website just like Google Local does, saying "Open" or "Closed" for your shop, for example, or to confirm whether your support staff are online or offline etc.

So many possibilities!