New In Version 1.7.1


• Changed the default width of Target to be Fill.
• Small code updates just to clean things up.

Target allows you full control over where you would like to position your stacks. You can target the stack to position itself on top of its parent stack. You can also position it relative to the browser window so that it always floats in the same exact location. You can float the content to the left or right. Lastly, Target can even rotate your content! This is your one stop shop for stack positioning.

Addon Details

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JoeWorkman is a Premium RapidWeaver Developer with 150 addons.



2 years ago

Great way to layout stuff

I seem to use this all the time. I'm sure there may be different ways to layout a page but I use Target all over the place now. Took a little for me to understand this, but all of the RW is pretty new to me so once I gave it some time to figure out I have no problems. I'm sure I use it way too much when I should be doing things differently, but it works for me! Having trouble putting something in that just right spot...get this.


3 years ago

Absolute positioning stack

Many ways to position stacks using this stack. Fantastic support as always from Joe Workman and team. Just get it.


3 years ago

Very useful stack to have in your toolbox

Really useful for creating stacks that overlay on top of other stacks, for example, great for putting text stacks on top of image stacks. A must have.


3 years ago

Use this on EVERY project, it allows perfect positioning.

This stack is great if want to add more depth to your webpage. You can place text over images, images over images, you can move & place stack anywhere you want. This stack is a MUST HAVE, it allows you to combine stacks & create bespoke new layouts that would be impossible without it. The developer (Joe Workman) regularly updates and improves this stack, I am extremely happy with the documentation & support. This is one of the most useful stacks, you MUST BUY IT.

Steve @ Truedesign

3 years ago

Position your stacks 'just so'

Want to place that header or image stack just so? Target lets you place a stack just where you want it - overlap other stacks, menus, etc.

A great tool for those who want to tweak their site to perfection :-)