New In Version 1.2

  • more 'intuitive' placeholder text about where to type in the description of the task
  • SSL server compatible

Be more productive and create tasks to complete projects.

Task is an HTML5 stack that gets users more organised and closer to their goals. Create a private todo list to work through and complete your tasks or make a task app others can use on your website. No database or programming needed.

Powerful and fast task list

Quickly and easily add tasks to your webpage to keep yourself on track working towards your goals. Create a private projects page for yourself or create a todo app others can use. Task makes a quick list of the things you have to do right now to move things forward.

Keep private or empower users

Task uses the latest in local browser cache techniques (no database needed) to store each todo item. It’s fast and can be used to log your own private tasks or can be turned into an online app to let users make their own list. No need to write on those Post-its anymore.

Easy to setup and customisable

The fonts, sizes and other bits are picked up from your theme so it blends in smoothly and the placeholder text and colours can be set from the Stack settings. Responsive and lightweight also, Task can be used on any device or browser.

Addon Details

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