The Triple Play Slideshow sets your slideshow apart from the rest with it's unique layout and display of your images.

MULTIPLE IMAGE DISPLAY Display three images at once. For the two side images, choose to give them a light or dark opacity, or elect to remove the opacity entirely. You can also choose between 4 options for the distance between the slides: 3px, 5px, 10px, or 15px.

CUSTOMIZABLE TEXT Each image can be customized with a Title and Subtitle that will transition to the center along with the corresponding slide. You can choose whether you want the text centered, or left-aligned. Don't want to use any text? That's possible, too.

TRANSITIONS The transition time is also customizable. Choose any value between 2 and 8 seconds.

COLOR OPTIONS The right and left arrows that are present on the side slides are color customizable, as well as the bottom border line under the title and subtitle text. The title and subtitle text are also color customizable.

RESPONSIVE Triple Play is completely responsive and looks great on mobile devices, too.