New In Version 1.0.3

1.0.3 : Completely re-writen so no longer relies on any third party to function.

No nonsense Twitter feed.

TweeCool allows you to display your latest tweets with out any fuss. Just enter your username and a widget ID and you are good to go.

  • Minimal Setup: There is minimal preparation needed to setup and use this stack.
  • Imported tweet media: If any of your tweets contain images, they can optionally be presented within the tweet.
  • Built in Image Light-box: If any of your tweets contain images, the user can click to see a larger version of the image in a smart minimalist light-box. you have defined.
  • Fully responsive: Everything about this stack including the media images and light-box, is fully responsive.

Built for Stacks versions 2 and 3 and beyond.

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2 years ago

Nice and easy

When Lifestream died with the last change of the Twitter authentication API, I had no choice but find a replacement for this fabulous stack which made it through 3 years without the attention of the developer… I've tried all Twitter stacks and got stuck with TweeCool because it would not require ANY ID's or API-keys or such. Just the twitter name. The good: Installation is a snap, I found not conflicts with any other stacks I'm using and it looks good. To be added: Since I'm spoiled by Lifestream, I'm missing all the wonderful settings that can be found there. And, even more importantly, I'm missing the ticker feature! Yes, it is possible to put it in the Height-stack and make it scrollable but that is not the same as a twitter-stream ticking away and keeping things in motion! Bottom line: Super value for the money. Rock solid. I'm curious for upcoming releases! Thanks!