Beautiful typography for your RapidWeaver Projects.

Liven up web copy and headers with over 20+ predesigned and professional typographic styles. Powered by the most gorgeous Google Fonts, setup is minimal and fine tuning options are included. Make your written content stand out today.

Powered by Google. Sans images

No more image text needed for trendy headers. Only the best Google Fonts sourced and turned into 22 different typographic styles to choose from, using CSS only. This means good for your site readers and your design, and good for SEO.

Fine tuning controls included

Just drop in the Stack and add any text stacks by themselves, in columns or anything else. Any text Stacks dropped into Typography Stack will then take on the chosen style. Then just change the size and adjust the colours. Lovely.


Have any number of Typography Stacks on the page, even using different styles. See the demo for many on a page. Your usual text elements will also still apply (H1, H2, bold, italic, p, etc), this Stack will just add stylings to those leaving your content and SEO work in tact.

Responsive and mobile-friendly

This stack has been designed with tablets and mobiles also in mind and works great on any device. For headers with big font sizes, you can also specify the mobile font size to fit the viewport and if you serve your content over secure SSL pages, this Stack won’t break that connection.

Addon Details

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