New In Version 2.3

  • Update to Google+ and Google Share - requires Google API code
  • Other minor bug fixes

Hide your RapidWeaver site content for the price of a Social Share.

Easily hide your secret or giveaway content for the price of a share. Users have to share-to-unlock to view your selected content. Unlock remembers users for future visits and comes with 6 preset styles to get people talking about your RapidWeaver stuff and getting you more traffic from Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

Social Media Pro

Choose from 7 different methods to get people sharing your site across social media. Set the price to view your content at either a Twitter Tweet, Twitter Follow, Facebook Like, Facebook Share, Google Plus, Google Plus Share or even a LinkedIn Share. Users choose one of these options to interact with to get your content and you decide which ones they can choose from.

Control the gossip

Get people talking about your site, app or service. Give something away in exchange for a share. Could be a PDF download, a coupon for your store or a page with some industry-specific information on it. Build gossip, buzz and have a good launch next time around.

Share out control too

Change the URL that is to be shared out to anything you want to promote and also add optional Twitter usernames or Twitter embed text into the panel. This is a good technique to get more mentions, likes and shares on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Hide any content

Drop in Unlock Stack and drag in any of your favourite Stacks in there. Text, images, video, downloads – you name it. Unlock will hide it until it is unlocked for a share and will remember the visit later on, so they can get the same info again without having to re-share.

Style it your way

Choose from 6 built-in styles for the locked box. Change the locked title and description copy to any words or any language, whether it shows a share count, and if the content is teased in under the lock in translucent mode. Make it relevant to your audience and maximise unlocks.

Responsive, good on mobile and SEO friendly

Unlock Stack also looks great on mobile and is fully responsive. Whether users are on a tablet, phone or desktop they can share and access your content. The locked content is still search-engine friendly too so won’t harm your SEO rankings. And with the ability to add as many Unlock Stacks to a page as you wish, you’ll be getting some Social Media buzz to your sites in no time at all.

Addon Details

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