New In Version 1.1.2

Fix for the today min/max temperature

Want to show your visitors the current weather condition and weather forecast for a city of your choice? The uWeather Stack will add a very clean and minimal widget to your site and is highly customizable. There are 3 different layouts included and you can adjust the design in depth including colors, borders, showing/hiding of components, localization and more.

The widget will also show a weather forecast for up to 15 days!

But this is not all you can do. uWeather will change the design of your site to reflect the current weather condition by applying a background image of your choice. While this feature may not work with every theme, it can give the special Wow to your RapidWeaver site. Of course this feature is fully optional.

This weather stack uses the API of that includes weather data for over 200,000 cities around the world. As it uses the free API, it is restricted to non-HTTPS enabled sites.

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