New In Version 1.0.8

V1.0.8 - New option to turn of right hand custom column. - New icon design.

Video Plus affords you total control over the presentation of your YouTube & Vimeo videos at all device sizes.


The stack is designed to show YouTube and Vimeo videos in a completely new and aesthetically pleasing way. You have the ability to display any video with accompanying descriptive content, by means of a custom content column that slides into view along with the video when triggered by your user. Custom content is very flexible, allowing you to add all manner of stacks to this section.

Responsive :

All aspects of the stack are fully responsive, designed to display optimally on all devices. Images contained within the stack are automatically made fully responsive.

Addon Details

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1 year ago

Great Stack

This is the best stack I am aware of to add more hidden content inside of a YouTube video. I have used this stack often. I look forward to the day that there is button options for the added images to indicate a play button or a draggable stack for the clickable image so we don't have to make our own embedded in the image. Other than that I highly recommend this stack for what it does! Support has also thankfully answered my questions too.