New In Version 1.2.2

v1.2.2 (4/25/2018) • Performance improvements when connecting to Vimeo and YouTube through pre-fetching content

Video Wall is the perfect way to dynamically add set of videos to your website. Video Wall can dynamically add videos from both YouTube and Vimeo onto your site. You can even intermix videos from both services into the same wall. There are many different ways to import videos onto your web page. You can import view playlist, channels, users, groups and many more (options vary by service using). Video Wall makes adding new videos to your site a breeze. Simply add new video to a playlist or group that Video Wall is configured to import. This video will magically appear onto your live website within minutes.

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Boray Designs

3 months ago

Video Wall - Simply the Best

I have the video wall stack operating on 8 websites, all in different ways. Some websites use the built-in lightbox to view, others with use the built in player. Feeds are from my playlists, others from YouTube channels and others are from keyword searches. Videos can even be sorted by likes, oldest or newest first and even shuffled. It basically does everything I have ever wished to do and more. If you want to show multiple (and even single) videos on your website then this is most definitely for you. It also works perfectly with Foundry. Oh, and it looks great.