Walkthrough is a Stack for creating custom notices and alerts with highlighted elements. They are great for calling attention to certain parts on your web page or providing a guide to your content, forms, terms, tutorials, or anything else.

Customization options allow you to control the size and color of the notices. You can add an overlay to the web page, hide/show header, and add/remove a primary and secondary button. The buttons have optional functions for closing the notices, navigating through the steps, or adding custom links.

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One Little Designer

One Little Designer is a Premium RapidWeaver Developer with 77 addons.


Rob Trapp

1 year ago

Easy to use and just what i need!

I'm building a site for students and teachers and because of the many options and functions the also have a lot of questions. I was building a FAQ but noticed that that's not that easy when you wan't to explain where to type and what to press, like a menu structure or an upload function. it's easier if the user gets any assistance on the page itself. But how?

Then a i came across walkthrough and it did just that. If a user is on a page het can get some assistance from walkthrough. Not only does walkthrough highlight the part you talk about, the sequence of explanation and highlighting is up to you, it even switches trough content tabs in my case.

You can trigger the event on page load or when a user clicks on an element. In my case that was to much because a user uses the pages a lot and always trigger the event was some what annoying. so i contacted 1little Designer and explained what i was missing, a way of trigger my walkthrough by pressing a button (help button) on the page so a user can decide when he needs help and get a walkthrough to the elements of my page.

The same day i get a reaction from Jon and two days later there was a new stack option! wow that's what you call great customer support.

Thanks for the great stack and for the superb support!