New In Version 1.0.1


  • Added Posts per Page Setting
  • Added Excerpt or Full Post Setting
  • Misc.Tweaks and Fixes

Add Wordpress Posts ( and Pages ) to your RapidWeaver Stacks pages. Update content from any device, no republishing needed. No Monthly Fees to Pay. Use RapidWeaver Themes.

Key Features

  • Wordpress in RapidWeaver
    Include styled text content from account ( or from your own self hosted Wordpress blogs ) right inside your RapidWeaver projects. See it working directly in Preview mode so you know exactly what it will look like.

  • Keep using Rapidweaver Themes and Addons
    With the Wordpress stack you get the editing flexibility of Wordpress, while still being able to use RapidWeaver and all of it's Add Ons to fully trick out your web sites.

  • Manage on the Go!
    Allow your clients to update their web sites from anywhere ... using any device. The Wordpress mobile app makes this super easy! All updates are instantly viewable on your RapidWeaver published pages. You can even add posts to your blog directly from your phone.

  • Built In Search
    Gives your users the ability to search through all of your posts and find exactly what they are looking for.

  • No Recurring Feess
    Using the Wordpress stack does not require any monthly fees ( When using Free Plan or Self Hosted Wordpress site ). Use it for free as long as you have a hosted or self hosted Wordpress setup.

  • Republishing Not Required
    The Wordpress stack only needs to be published by RapidWeaver one time. After that, updates can be made from the Wordpress admin ( via web page ) or mobile app.

Addon Details

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Yabdab is a RapidWeaver Developer with 15 addons.



1 month ago

Simple and easy to use

As the description indicates you can have a Wordpress blog on your rapidweaver site in seconds. If you’re considering the stack I would ask a lot of questions to the developer especially if any of your posts have images in them. The response to me was that there is no control over image formatting/scaling etc. which makes the stack unusable for me. If your blog is all text then this stack is a great solution.


7 months ago

I grabbed this because the only other WP integrator went out of business some time back. YabDab's stack is much easier to use and lets me continue to use MarsEdit for editing. This stack is responsive, and offers lots of options for adjusting how it looks. Since I have several sites and clients with RapidWeaver and WordPress blogs, this stack is exactly what I've been looking for.

I am, as they say, a happy camper! :-)