An infinite portfolio of images to show off you.

Work is a quick and easy way to display your portfolio of work on your RapidWeaver site. Drop in as many pieces as you want, link out to any page and add a little teaser roll-over text. Sell yourself.

Infinite works

Add the base Work Stack and then drop in as many Work Pieces as you want. You can add as many as you have. Each piece is 100% responsive and scales nicely within Stacks. You can fill the width of your theme or set a width in the Stacks Fill Mode. Combine Work with your favourite responsive columns Stack and make two or three columned portfolios. Your work really can go on forever.

Quick to publish

Drop in all your works. Switch on the call to action button, change the text and colour and link that to your contact details or wherever you want people to go. And add roll-over teaser text to each piece to encourage a click through and sell your skills and win more client work.


This Stack was made in HTML + CSS only. No complex Javascript so it should be highly compatible, flexible and quick to load. No images were used either so the button and text roll over are smooth and sharp. A tidy way to show off your work.

Addon Details

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Yuzoolthemes is a RapidWeaver Developer with 78 addons.