A free toggle stack that uses only 3 lines of code!

Will Woodgate
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Summary uses the brand new HTML5 Details and Summary tags. Compatible with all ThemeFlood themes, our Summary stack makes it super-simple to setup blocks of content that a website user can toggle opened or closed. Plus it is accessible, because it works with screen readers and other assistive devices.

For older web browsers lacking support for HTML5 Details and Summary tags, your content is displayed in a permanently-expanded state, on the page. There is never a danger of the content disappearing!

Web browsers add the caret arrow icons for you, alongside the summary heading. You can add you own borders, backgrounds, padding, margins and rounded corners using the pre-existing controls in Stacks.

If you need toggle stacks with additional styling and functionality controls, please take a look at the other free and paid toggle effect stacks we provide on the Stacks4Stacks website.

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