A clever grid stack, which you can use for the creation of search engine styled image galleries. Like a lightbox, but not quite a lightbox!

Will Woodgate
3 reviews

SuperBox takes the idea of a modal lightbox gallery and turns it on its head. Instead of moving user interaction away from your page, SuperBox parachutes the lightbox right there, smack-bang in the middle of your thumbnail grid.

What's good about SuperBox is that it keeps focus on the webpage. Navigation through an image gallery becomes an altogether faster and more enjoyable experience.

As you would expect, SuperBox is a fully responsive HTML5 image gallery, which uses minimal markup and only loads full size images on-demand as needed. This stack is quick and simple to use, while still giving you a wealth of style and colour settings.

SuperBox is useful for creating galleries for events, product showcases or photographic portfolios.

This latest version adds a number of new features, including captions, improved navigation, thumbnail special effects, a new layout engine, support for 'dark mode' colour schemes, anchor points, indicator carets and much more.

Download and try the free demo version today.

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SuperBox Info

  • Version 5.1.0

  • Released May 16th, 2020

  • Will Woodgate
  • SuperBox Support
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SuperBox Reviews

Versatile and a great update


1 year ago

I've been using many different gallery stacks (also the original SuperBox). I just updated to v.5 and this is for me the best solution because I have so many different needs. Great! Thx Will!

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A good lightbox stack


2 years ago

I have been using this stack for a stock items gallery and it has many of the detailed features to make a practical and attractive gallery

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Great new Gallery


2 years ago

Looking forward to working with this new stack.

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