Accordions and tabs in one stack, with style options to change just about everything!

Will Woodgate
1 reviews

Two stacks for the price of one! Switcher is by-far the most customisable stack of its kind available on the market; capable of displaying content either in tabs or within an accordion (collapsing panels). Recently completely overhauled for Stacks 3, Switcher is fun to setup, fully responsive and has a brilliant choice of powerful style settings. Say goodbye to ugly preset skins, limited content types and caps on the number of items your accordion or tab layout can contain. Switcher has numerous potential uses in your projects. Many different content types are supported (including blocks of text, tables, responsive columns, static images, HTML5 audio, HTML5 video, YouTube and Vimeo content). Try the free demo version today!

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Switcher Info

  • Version 2.3.0

  • Released Oct 12th, 2015

  • Will Woodgate
  • Switcher Support
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Switcher Reviews

The Switcher stack is sweet!


6 years ago

Switcher is easy-to-use and easy to revise. The stack has a fun UI and subtle animation but doesn’t shout so content is still the focus. I’m using it as an accordion on a FAQS page and I’m pleased with how it looks and how it works. Icons? Nesting? Customizable? Yes, yes, yes... and a lot more. Oh, it's also a tab stack. Another high quality product from ThemeFlood and Stacks4Stacks. http://bellablastfitness.com/contact/faqs/

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