Beautiful and professionally designed code, markup and syntax highlighting for your websites.

Will Woodgate
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If you are in a position of needing to display code blocks in your RapidWeaver website, you need a stack like SyntaxHighlight.

Our powerful SyntaxHighlight stack presents attractive code blocks, complete with clean syntax colouring. 34 common programming languages are supported by SyntaxHighlight.

Setup of this stack is remarkably easy, and it can work with existing code blocks on your webpage or new ones you create within the stack.

Dozens of different syntax highlighting styles are available from a quick dropdown select menu in the stack settings.

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SyntaxHighlight Reviews

Simple setup, beautiful colours, readable code


2 years ago

I use this stack to display blocks of code on my personal blog: it is really easy to setup and does not mess with other stacks. I prefer dark styles like "Atom One Dark", they are beautiful.

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