TCMS Encode

Easily obfuscate email addresses and phone numbers in Total CMS and Easy CMS to hide them from automated robots.

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  • Obfuscates email addresses to hide them from bots.
  • Obfuscates phone numbers to hide them from bots.
  • Compatible with both Easy CMS and Total CMS.
  • Comes with an encode stack and a decode stack.
  • Easy to install - set and forget.
  • Can use with multiple email addresses on a single page.
  • It's a great up-sell for your clients websites.

It's a simple fact of life is that your websites are susceptible to robots trawling the internet for public facing email addresses that can sold on to people who send SPAM.

The last thing you or your clients need, or even have the time for, is sifting through tons of junk email because you didn't obfuscate a public facing email address.

There are a few methods that can be used to hide an email address from robots in RapidWeaver, but now it's also possible to hide email addresses used with Easy CMS and Total CMS.

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