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A Stack designed to make it easy to tell a story – or create an ad

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The 'Tell Me About It' Stack is designed to make it fast and easy to 'tell a story'. That's what the internet is about, right!

Stories spiced with great images, transparent shapes, text, animations or what ever you wanna add to your story. No matter if it's a story of a lifetime, an everyday story or an ad promoting your product – the 'Tell Me About It' Stack will help you.

In the layout phase you can pull in stock images from and when you're ready replace them with your own. Or simply keep the images and use in your layout.

If you add several 'Tell Me About It' Stacks on your page you can jump between the different stacks by creating a link pointing to the special target id defined in each 'Tell Me About It' Stack.

Special features: This is a two Stack solution taking advantage of the new features of the Stacks 3 plugin. From the 'Tell Me About It Stack' you can add all necessary Stacks to create either your story or a great looking ad with images, overlays, headers and text.

There's a lot of tools for RapidWeaver CSS nerds wanting to take advantage of their CSS KnowHow. You can add custom css to almost every part of the stack.

Bonus Stacks (free with the Tell Me About It' Stack): JumpSpot Stack (smooth scroll) + Responder Stack (responsive text handling).

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